ZoneSafe Systems – Samwoh

From its humble beginning as a transport and logistics company since 1975, SamWoh has morphed into a leading integrated construction company which provides a full suite of engineering services. These services include the supply of building materials and precast concrete components, recycling of construction and industrial wastes, research and development as well as pavement consultancy services.

In late November 2018, SamWoh had requested for a short presentation and demonstration of ZoneSafe at one of their sites located at Changi South, Singapore. One week after the initial presentation, SamWoh invited ASS for another short demonstration with one of their clients, the Land Transport Authority (LTA), as they were interested to know more about the ZoneSafe System. LTA was impressed, and strongly believes that ZoneSafe System will help to enhance the health and safety culture on site. SAMWOH has requested for a pilot project (2 months) at one of LTA’s construction sites, and requested for the a ZoneSafe Unit to be install onto one of their Volvo excavators.

SamWoh and LTA has agreed with the total costing of the pilot project and at will commence in late February 2019.

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