Rapport Introduction

To compliment their existing All-In-One Logistics System (ALS) Warehouse Management System, Automation Support Services Pte Ltd are developing a new Cloud Hosted Warehouse Management System. The new system will be known as RAPPORT, and will be an all encapsulating system with all of the ‘common’ Warehouse Management System functionality.

RAPPORT_HLogo-RGB-Full Colour

ASS has implemented complex Warehouse Management Systems for several clients in Asia and the Middle East. In an effort to reduce expensive site hardware and software licenses, recent demand from clients has been for a Cloud based solution.

The system will be available for conventional manual warehouse operations and fully automated solutions. Modules will be available for direct interfaces to client’s ERP systems and any automation required.

We will provide periodic updates for the system, however, if there is a requirement for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

David Vass
Tel: +65 9272 6176
E-Mail: david@assmsb.com