IMDA Registration for ZoneSafe Systems Singapore

ASS Pte Ltd are pleased to announce that they have successfully listed ZoneSafe Systems as a Pre-Approved@SMEsGoDigital approved product. The listing allows Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore to apply for up to 70% in grants via Productivity Solutions Grants (PSG).

Pre-Approved@SMEsGoDigital is owned and managed by the Singapore INFOCOMM MEDIA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (IMDA).

During the product approval process, ASS Pte Ltd successfully registered for the following licences with the IMDA:

  • Telecommunications Dealer’s (Class) Licence Ref. DA109062
  • Equipment License for the ZoneSafe Control Unit Ref. N0428-23
  • Equipment License for the ZoneSafe V2P Antenna Unit Ref. N0431-23
  • Equipment License for the ZoneSafe V2V Antenna Unit Ref. N0447-23

As of 03 March 2023, the ZoneSafe Systems and Solutions are fully recognised as a technical solution by the Singapore IMDA.

All of the details for the Grant applications can be found at the following link:

A big shout out to the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC), the Singapore Work Health Safety Institute (WSHI) and the IMDA, together with the ASS Pte Ltd Team for their efforts to get this over the line, and attempting to make Singapore a healthier and safer working environment.

Eagle Services Singapore

Eagle Services Singapore (ESA) has awarded ASS with a 12 Month contract to provide comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Services for the 2 No. Engine Strip and Build Platforms located at their Calshot Road, Singapore facility.

ASS has been performing the PM Services since the Systems went live. ESA has also engaged ASS to perform additional tasks associated with system improvements.

SATS, SICC1 Singapore

Due to the recent Global Covid-19 situation, Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) have engaged ASS Pte Ltd to perform some major modifications to some of the automated systems at the SICC1 facility. The Bin Loop System, The GN Tray Handling System and the Pallet Conveyor Systems at the SICC1 facility Singapore have been extensively modified to suit a revised production schedule. This has involved both Mechanical and Control Systems work, performed by the local ASS technical team, together with partners.