Jungheinrich Pte Ltd

ASS will be installing a ZoneSafe Vehicle to Pedestrian System (V2P) to a Jungheinrich Fork Lift Truck. Jungheinrich are one of the prominent Fork Lift Truck leasing companies in Singapore, and have many key customers in the logistics sector.

Jungheinrich will use this Fork Lift Truck to demonstrate to existing, and potential clients, the value of having the additional safety of the ZoneSafe equipment in place.

ASS and Jungheinrich are working together to provide safety solutions to TOLL Logistics at their logistics centre based in Tuas, Singapore. Using their extensive range of trial equipment, ASS will fully demonstrate the capabilities of Vehicle to Person, and Vehicle to Vehicle safety. The tests will also demonstrate interfaces to Fork Lift Trucks to enable the vehicles to switch to ‘Creep’ mode.

These tests and trials will demonstrate the flexibility of the ZoneSafe range of products.

ASS’s technical team will install and commission the equipment during August 2020.