ASS Pte Ltd have completed the installation of 4 No. ZoneSafe gobo Projector Systems at the Givauden facility in Singapore. Givauden identified the safety aspects/advantages of installing gobo systems at 4 No. key ‘blind’ junctions within the facility. The ZoneSafe gobo Systems each comprise a gobo Projector Device, a ZoneSafe Discovery Unit, and a local Junction Box to harness the equipment, and to provide adequate power supplies.

Each Industrial Vehicle driver carries a ZoneSafe rechargeable RFID Tag. When an industrial vehicle approaches a ‘blind’ junction, the driver’s Tag is detected by the ZoneSafe Discovery Unit. This in turn, activates the gobo Projector which projects an image onto the factory floor.

The image provides personnel, and other vehicle drivers, with a clear understanding that a vehicle is in the near vicinity, and to take caution.

Once a vehicle leaves the safety zone, the gobo image will be switched off.

Givauden have also invested in several rechargeable RFID Tags together with Qi Wireless Charging Devices, and a ZoneSafe Tag Tester Device. The Tag Tester Device allows users to check the battery status of their Tags before entering the workplace.