Givauden Singapore

Further to carrying out a successful trial for a ZoneSafe gobo Projector System at their Singapore manufacturing facility, Givauden have awarded ASS Pte Ltd with a project to supply and install ZoneSafe gobo Systems at 4 No. Busy traffic ‘T’ junctions within the facility.

Each ‘T’ junction will comprise a ZoneSafe Discovery Unit, a gobo Projector and a Junction Box. The systems will be set-up to provide a safety zone of approx. 10 meters around each ‘T’ junction. When an industrial vehicle approaches the ‘T’ junction from any of 3 directions, the gobo Projector will be activated to warn pedestrians and other vehicle users that there is a vehicle approaching.

The gobo Projector provides a clear and rotating image onto the floor surface that is approx. 1.5 meters in diameter.