E-Tech/Panasonic Singapore

E-Tech Building Services Pte Ltd have awarded Automation Support Services with a contract to provide Project Management, and Installation services, associated with the erection of several Panasonic BocSpace Enclosures/Containers for their client, Shooting Gallery, Singapore.

Panasonic BocSpace is an innovative building structure concept, which involves the erection of factory-made Enclosures/Containers for various clients. The Enclosures/Containers can be for both, indoor or outdoor use, and meet all of the local Singaporean building regulations/requirements.

ASS Pte Ltd will provide an experienced Project Manager/Site Manager, together with experienced/skilled technicians to carry out the following tasks:

  • Unload Containers
  • Erect Main Structures
  • Erect Walls, Ceiling, and Floors
  • Install Services for Lighting and Plumbing

This is the first of several projects to be undertaken during 2021.